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on Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:39 pm
The rp takes place in Urban Dakota City, after a chemical explosion caused mutations in several young people, giving many of them super powers, and turning them into meta-humans, or "Bang Babies." Most bang babies go on, attempting to fit into the crowd and lead normal lives. However several have become notorious villains, and a few chose, in turn, to become super heroes! The rp will take place the day after the big bang. Mutations are just taking place, and no one is aware of the results just yet.

Characters- You may choose to play any character from the series (All are free until claimed on the CS page) or you may create a character of your own. (Made up characters must be approved)

Environment.- This rp takes place within the DC Comics Universe. While characters such as Batman, the Flash etc. are not a part of this rp, their existence is common knowledge. There will be events throughout the rp where Major DC Heroes and villains will make appearances

Different locations will be made available for rp, however in the Beginning stages there will only be Dakota High, and "The Hood" which will represent all residential neighborhoods (Even if they are in suburbia)

This rp can cover a wide variety of topics from homelessness, to Gang Violence, or domestic abuse. feel free to add any degree of creativity to enhance your characters and breathe life into the story!
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